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I've worked for over five years as an English reading and writing tutor with students ranging from ages 6-50+. I can help you or your student improve their reading comprehension, writing, research, presentation, and interview skills. Whether you're looking for enrichment, or to reach grade level, I can help you meet your goals.  I've also worked extensively as an SAT/PSAT tutor for the Reading, Writing and Language, and Essay portions of the tests.

Recent Client Testimonials: 

***** (5/5) "Sam is wonderful. He is knowledgeable, patient, and very supportive." 

-Shayan 1/28/20

***** (5/5) "Excellent tutor who is very considerate and helpful. Super attentive to student's needs and goes above and beyond to help the student succeed. Helpful, encouraging, very responsive and organized."

-Cole Jack 12/5/2019

***** (5/5) "Great tutor, who is super helpful. I highly recommend."

-Mckhaila 10/18/2019

***** (5/5) "He was very helpful in explaining why a certain answer was correct and how to approach each question."

-Daniel 10/30/2019

 Contact me below if you're interested in tutoring in Philadelphia or online. I have competitive rates, below what most tutoring services charge, and I'd be happy to put you in touch with a past client who can provide a personal recommendation.

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